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I'M Bianca



I work as a UX Consultant. I started my career as soon as I could handle a computer, creating websites as homework in high school. I studied Multimedia Design and got a specialization in Information Architecture. I have been professionally building the Web since 2005.


My work embraces a wide range of platforms, from SaaS to content for websites, mobile and aiming for voice projects too. As a consultant, I manage to deliver research about innovation, aiming to find the best solutions in form of interactions for different types of problems, assuring great results by working with teams.


I'm Sprint Master Certified by Google, Googles Launchpad Accelerator Mentor and former Google Developer Expert in Product Design. Today I'm based in Sorocaba, a big town near São Paulo, and I'm one of the Women Techmakers leads in the city and one of the organizers in UXSor Community.  Wanna talk about UX? Contact me!


Design Sprint: do presencial ao digital

July 10, 2020

A Campus Party Digital Edition é uma versão 100% online e gratuita que ocorre simultaneamente em mais de 30 países! Acesse

Processo, curiosidade e criatividade: o desenrolar de três projetos de UX

July 27, 2019

In this talk, I presented three UX cases with the challenges and results we have as a team.

Formação em UX - Intensiva

July 08, 2019

Uma formação intensiva completa em UX para você atuar em uma das áreas que mais crescem e geram inovações no mercado digital.

Droidcon Italy

April 04, 2019

Droidcon is the biggest Android event in Italy. The keynote about Ethical Design presented data about smartphone usage and ideas about how to develop products that respect user's time, expectations and privacy.

IWD - Women Techmakers São Luis

March 16, 2019

​This talk was about Ethical Design to a diverse audience. I presented some data and invite attendees to have a better relationship with electronic devices.

AndroidFest Aracaju

February 09, 2019

We are going to apply Design Sprint - that usually takes from 1 to 5 days - in 3 HOURS! The goal will be present the methodology to the group, so they can learn more and apply on their own projects!

DevFest Floripa

December 08, 2018

We can use simple techniques in order to know more about our users, even if we are not designers nor researchers. In this talk I showed some direct and indirect tools to gather information about customers and users.

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2019 until now


UX Mentor

In this program, I will help startups selected by Google with my expertise in User Experience.






The place I've learned the real meaning of planning. We breathed Design Thinking and there I started to understand and work as an UX designer.

2012 until now


UX freelancer and consultant 

I've been working all these years with many UX facets: research, usability, wireframing, ideation, design sprint and more. I'm always studying and working with different projects to different companies, which gives me innovative approaches to problems.

2016 -2019


Product Design GDE

After application and interviews, I joined the program as an Expert in UX, becoming part of a global team with amazing product designers and other technology fields professionals.

Information Architect

First time working as an Information Architect full time. Learned a lot about how to deal with huge websites and systems as CMS.





Theory and practice

I had great teachers and classmates at SENAC, the whole college experience showed me I could make good work and have fun doing design.

Art Director Assistant

In my first job not being an intern, I used to create layouts as an UI Designer and, by this time, I discovered what Information Architecture was. I started my specialization in IA as soon as I can before fall in love with it.


I'm available for UX freelance and consultancy. Tell me about your idea and we will figure out how we can work together!

Tel: 55 11 99593 - 4777

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